This article explains how to use unallocated space and merge it into another Mac OS X partition.  Basically these are the steps to expand the main partition after increasing the size of a virtual machine running MAC OS X.



  1. Shutdown the Mac VM
  2. Increase the drive size in Vmware Workstation
    1. Edit Settings 
    2. Select Hard Disk
    3. Select Utilities\Expand
    4. Set new size
  3. Attach Partition Utility ISO
    1. Example: Gparted, Partition Magic, PowerSuite
  4. Set BIOS to boot from CD/DVD
  5. Boot Mac VM
  6. Partition the unallocated space as FAT32 or EXT2 - Primary
    1. It may have some issues with 5MB of space and fail to format the first time, but create the partition
    2. Just select and format the new partition minus the 5MB and format it.
  7. Shutdown
  8. Switch Darwin.iso back to CD/DVD drive
  9. Boot Mac VM
  10. Select "mac" partition if prompted
  11. Open Disk Utility
    1. Go\Utilities\Disk Utility
  12. Get Parition Identifiers
    1. Right-Click on each partition and select Information
    2. Example
      1. mac = disk0s1
      2. Untitled = disk0s2 
  13. Open Terminal
  14. Merge Partitions
    1. sudo diskutil mergePartitions "Journaled HFS+" New disk0s1 disk0s2
  15. Verify in Disk Utility
  16. Done